Who Are We?

When company founder Bill McDonald, then a licensed carpenter with many years experience in the building industry, decided to head up his own building company in 1987, he had no idea just how far his personal philosophy of “you reap what you sow” was going to take him, that one day the company he had founded would become one of the most trusted and successful home builders in the country.

But he would recognise the spirit that infuses every one of his company’s employees to this day. That passion for helping people realise their dreams. An unswerving commitment to guiding others on a journey that generates a lifetime of memories.

Smart Start by McDonald Jones Homes is our unique program to teach and mentor, choose and plan and build your first home or your new investment property.

McDonald Jones Homes is owned by The MJH Group and we have set a new standard in quality, residential housing for Australian families.

Affordability, unbeatable value, innovative designs and exceptional customer service combined with the fact that each of our businesses offers something special and unique to our customers, has allowed us to lift the bar in new home building across the entire industry. We know the decision to build a new home is most likely the biggest decision a person will ever make; they do so to improve their family’s way of life.

We are passionate about building homes around people, not the other way around, and providing superior housing solutions while also taking our customer’s on a unique building journey.

We aim to deliver that new home for these families, not only in its physical form but also the way we make them feel along the journey. Our journey has never been about just any one person, it has always been about every person in the team.

All our businesses operate under the same ethos – people are at the heart of everything we do. If there is one thing we understand at MJH Group, it’s that our customers are the future of our business and are central to everything we do. Every one of our decisions is based on what is right for our customers, as we know that they will be right for the MJH Group, our businesses, our staff and ultimately for our stakeholders.

MJH Group is focused on designing a better life for our customers, we challenge convention and create brilliant homes for all Australians.

We’ve been in business for over 30 years and operate multiple businesses across New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania. MJH Group also has a global presence through its alliance with Asahi Kasei Homes, part of Asahi Kasei Group, which employees more than 30,000 people around the world. Asahi Kasei Homes delivers 8,000 buildings a year. We also share synergies in construction techniques and customer service philosophy.

“We listened to the market and started to design and build the homes our customers had always dreamed of.”

Bill McDonald – Founder & Director MJH Group

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